Like many things, too much sun can be dangerous. In fact, extreme exposure to ultraviolet rays remains the leading cause of skin cancer. So when you spend most of your time outside, it is important to be cautious. Sun protection shirts are an essential to limit your dose of daily radiation exposure. 

What does the UPF Rating mean?

We’ve all run into the term “UPF 30+” while shopping for outdoor clothing. So it must be important, but what exactly do they mean?

A fabric that has an ultra protection factor (UPF) has one job: limit the amount of sun radiation that can pass through the material. The clothing is given a UPF rating between 15 to 50+. The rating refers to how much radiation that is able to pass through the material. For example , a sun protective shirt with a UPF rating of 30+ will only allow 1/30th (3%) of ultraviolet radiation to pass through it. A higher rating, means more protection. So, look for that magic term, UPF+ while shopping for sun protective clothing. 

Factors that Affect Fabric UV Protection

Weave: Fabrics with a tighter weave provide better sun protection because it allows less sunlight to penetrate through the tiny holes in the fabric. Moisture wicking fabrics like polyester, spandex or nylon  have a nice, tight weave that keeps your skin protected. 

Weight: A thicker, heavier weave will also make for a better UV protection. That is why bamboo is an excellent and effective at blocking the sun.

Color: Darker colors are better at retracting sunlight and keeping it from reaching your skin.

Why Choose UPF+ Rated Clothing

Sun protective clothing and sunscreen are synergistic and should be used together. Although, UPF rated clothing is much more effective because it is reliable whereas sunscreen relies completely on your application. 

Sun safe clothing compliments your on-the-go lifestyle. Because being immersed in what your doing and enjoying the outdoors is what it’s all about. In fact, the last thing on your mind is to re-apply sunscreen. So your solution is to wear proper UV protection clothing. Effective, dependable and affordable for you and your whole family. Wherever the adventure leads you, make sure there is a sun shirt nearby.  Here in Florida, it is an absolute must year round to rock sun protective shirts and UPF+ rated fabrics.

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