The waves are firing, you’re waxing up your board and ready to paddle out into the ocean. Sounds amazing right? Well, that is until the jelly fish start zapping you. Lesson learned. Don’t get caught on a surf trip without your rash guard. A rash guard is excellent jelly fish protection.

What is Sea Lice?

Sea lice refers to teeny particles of jelly fish that release their venom when they feel threated. Sea lice is basically the size of a speck of pepper, so they are practically invisible. Sometimes you won’t even feel the stings until 24 hours later, when you have itchy little red bites all over your body. Sea lice are reported often in the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, and Florida.

Can a Rash Guard Protect you from Sea Lice?

Given that sea lice is invisible, the only way to avoid them is not go in the ocean. And that just isn’t an option when the surf is firing. No matter what, a rash guard is excellent jelly fish protection and a great solution to avoid getting stung. 

The rash guard, aka rashie, is an athletic shirt made of nylon/spandex. It’s name says it all, rash guard. The rash guard protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion and sun burns. In addition, it is a great barrier to protect you from stinging organisms such as jelly fish. Nothing worse than having the surf or dive of your life and needing to get out from irritated skin. The rash guard , while light and thin, can be very effective. This is because jellyfish tentacles, sea lice only sting you through a light touch.

More Benefits to Wearing a Rash Guard


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