Islands and flats perfect for every angler.

The Florida Keys has a lot going on for it: delicious restaurants, golden sunsets, scores of islands and more fish in the ocean than most fisherman know what to do with.

Flamingo in Everglades National Park is only a 40 minute boat ride from Islamorada- where the region is packed with flats, an area of shallow water, that run wild with red fish and triple tail. And while the Florida Keys doesn’t lack fishing on the flats, there is plenty of deeper ocean to the East. Perfect for fishing bigger fish too.

What to Bring?

If you’re planning a fishing trip down to the keys, don’t forget your proper moisture wicking and sun protective gear. The sun blares down on you, glaring off the glassy ocean and temperatures are hot and humid. Moisture wicking sun shirts are an angler’s best friend.

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