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Valentines Day doesn’t have to be characterized by Hallmark cards and boxes of chocolates. Today, we’re going to share six outdoor date idea for you and your loved one. In addition, we hope to inspire you to log off , shut down and go outdoors on World Love Day. 

On Land Outdoor Date Ideas

It’s not always warm weather and sunshine in February, unless you’re in Florida! But seriously, for most of us, its cold outside. Therefore, we have to get creative with some date ideas.

  1. Ride Bikes
    • Riding bikes is a fun way to get your heart rate up and explore! Most certainly, makes a fantastic outdoor date idea. So load up the bikes and head to your favorite trail, road or restaurant via bikes.
  1. Picnic by a Fire
    • If you like to relax, this is a perfect outdoor date for you to plan. Plan ahead! Make these yummy picnic recipes, gather wood and find the proper place to post up! As a result, you will be chilling under the stars with a glass of wine and yummy picnic foods under the stars. Above all, this outdoor date idea is fairly easy to execute and very enjoyable.
      • Places to Picnic South Florida: Munyon Island , Johnathon Dickenson State Park Camp Ground
  1. Hike
    • There is are many benefits from taking a stroll in nature. Why not make it special? Plan to stop and take lots of photos along the way. Pick a flower or two for your lover, slow down and enjoy each other’s company
      • Places to Hike in South Florida: Juno Dunes Natural Area, Johnathon Dickenson State Park

In Water Outdoor Date Ideas

The ocean is very special place that has the ability to heal. So if you’ve been down lately and really want to turn things around this Valentines day. Plan a special date on the water.

  1. Boat Cruise
    • Relax and cruise in the ocean or the intercostal. A boat cruise for the two of you is extra romantic. Extra bonus if you pack some snacks and beverages!
      • Boat rentals available at: Jupiter Pointe Marina
  2. Paddleboard
    • Get active and test your balance with a paddleboard adventure. Plan it with the tide and wind. Nothing worse than getting stuck paddling into the wind and current.
  3. Snorkel
    • For the extreme adventure junkies. Pack your neoprene , plan the high tide and find a place to go snorkeling.
      • Places to Snorkel in South Florida: Coral Cove Park, Blue Heron Bridge

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