An outdoor workout may seem intimidating. It’s summer in Florida, and the temperature is reading 100 degrees. But you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you choose to stay inside. You’ll miss out on sunshine (vitamin D), fresh air and mental benefits of spending time outside. Also, we highly recommend rocking our Ocean Tec USA moisture wicking and light weight sun shirts. To keep you cool, comfortable and protected from the elements. So, get outdoors and workout!  

Incorporate benches into your workout

Benches are found at almost every beach board walk. You likely won’t have to go far to find one. Step one leg up on the bench for a lunge and get a deep stretch into your hip flexor. Step up and down for 10 reps on each leg to engage your glutes. Place your hands on a bench for a modified push up or tricep dip. Place your hands on the ground and feet on the bench, making a plank position, and crunch leg to elbow for modified mountain climbers. Get creative, benches are one of our favorite out door props

Take a walk on the beach

One cool element of the beach, is the built in element of uneven ground. So the sand will naturally challenge and intensify an activity. Especially your ankles, knees and hips. Going on a 20 minute fast paced beach walk will have you huffing and puffing. Plus, it is an excellent way to get grounded. Soak up the Earth throught the soles of your barefoot. 

Put on a weighted vest or a ruck sack

This is for the extreme go-getters.  A weighted vest will up your walking game and have you mentally and physically challenged. So put on a weighted vest and go for a walk

Go for a paddle board

Consider escaping to nature on a paddle board. It does require a little technical expertise and paddle boards are expensive to own. But consider renting one for the day and you may just find a quiet pocket of wilderness to call your own. Paddle boards differ in size and float, and use a varied muscle groups. Not to mention the effort your body puts into staying balanced. Mix it up and take on a new outdoor workout challenge. See our favorite places to paddle board in Palm Beach, Florida.

Get on a the kayak

Reserve a day for a quiet hush of a kayak adventure on the inter coastal or river. It requires little expertise and you can get lost on the water. You burn calories while paddling and create muscles in your arms. Kayaking boosts your mood and provides many health benefits. It’s also an activity that easily involves a loved one.

Strap on a snorkel and go for a swim

Swimming incorporates all the best parts of nature in the summer.. If you can find a place free of heavy boat traffic, seize the opportunity for a swim. Don’t let the fear of the ocean stop your from getting in a good workout. You can also master this workout in a pool. Swimming is a full body workout and by far the most ideal summer workout of all. Regardless you’ll have fun. Don’t forget a good rash guard.

Hit your local play ground

Find your nearest playground and you’ll likely have everything you need for a challenging workout. There is opportunity for plenty of movement. Try hanging from the monkey bars and swinging all the way across them. Other options include, pull ups, push ups and triceps dips. 

Bike ride

Biking is an excellent challenge that can help you improve balance and increase strength. Explore your neighborhood and admire the nature as your peddle around the terrain. A good five to ten mile bike ride is the ultimate movement and an outdoor workout that is fun. Just be sure to wear the right moisture wicking gear and stay cool.

Work the bridges

If you can find a bridge, walking up and down it is an excellent challenge. Bridges are an easy prop to gain elevation and increase strength and stamina. If you want more of a challenge, incorporate sprints. Making sure you take time to stretch after because we promise you will be sore!

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