Moisture wicking sun shirts are essential. We’ve all run into the term “moisture wicking” while shopping for outdoor clothing. So it must be important, but what exactly do they mean?

A fabric that is moisture wicking has two jobs: one is quickly move sweat to the fabrics outer surface and the other is drying rapidly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric. Resulting in more comfort because your body can regulate its temperate and the fabric touching your skin has a dry, non sticky feel.

Look for the magic term, moisture wicking while shopping for hot and humid conditions. 

Which Fabrics are Moisture Wicking?

Most moisture wicking fabrics are synthetics like polyester or nylon. They excel at moisture wicking because they resist the penetration of water. Other fabrics the moisture gets absorbed into the yarn, and it is trapped there instead of moving through the fabric. That is a recipe for poor moisture wicking.

Wool is also a moisture wicking fabric. The wool absorbs a small amount of liquid into the core of its fibers, but also wicks moisture out through small openings within the fabric. That is why wool fabric remains dry to the touch. Remember, wool comes from an animal. So shop brands that use sustainable methods and treat the animals with kindness.

Cotton is anti moisture wicking. Cotton gets completely saturated with sweat and takes a long time to dry. Side effects of anti moisture wicking fabric is you feel hot and sticky or cold and clammy. So when shopping cotton , remember the performance lags behind synthetics or wool.

Why Choose Moisture Wicking fabric?

When you are breaking a good sweat, that sweat evaporates into the fabric and produces a cooling effect. In return, your body temperate cools down and you stop sweating. It’s a super-efficient way to remain comfortable during high sweat activities or in hot and humid conditions. Moisture wicking sun shirts and fabrics compliment you vs weigh you down.

Generally, you want moisture wicking fabrics on all your outdoor apparel that touches your skin. You will especially want it on clothes that you plan to wear while doing sweat producing activities like biking, running and working out. Here in Florida, it is an absolute must year round to rock moisture wicking sun shirts and fabrics.

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