In the initial phases of a company, the question arises,  produce overseas or in the USA? It should be a no brainier! We should manufacture nowhere other than the amazing country we live in! We think its safe to say, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories producing overseas but that isn’t the only reason to shy away from foreign manufacturing. It may be cheaper to produce in other countries but your’e going to sacrifice quality control, a close relationship with the manufacturer, and shorter lead times. 

1.Quality Control

By having your products manufactured in the state in which you live, the manufacturer welcomes their clients to the factory whenever be needed. We include the client to over see the production from start to finish and firmly know that each product is going to be made exactly how they want it. We ensure that everything is correct even down to the correct thread and stitching. Orders are shipped complete and you know exactly what your’e getting. For comparison, we’ve had many clients switch from overseas manufacturing to USA made because they receive their products in multiple shipments. The first shipment was great, the second shipments was good, and the third shipment was garbage. They weren’t able to monitor the quality of their product by being thousands of miles away with different time zones and language barriers. This can kill ones business.


2.Close relationship with the manufacturer

If your’e ever unsure about something or have a question, you can pick up the phone and call our factory. A real person will pick up! We are as invested in your company as you are. We can bounce ideas off with clients and give our best advice possible based off our experiences. Bottom line: It’s not worth the risk of working with someone you do not trust. 

3.Short lead times 

If you place a production order, we assure you it’s going to be in your hands within 5-8 weeks. That’s something not all factories can say in the USA, however it’s a fact that our lead times are shorter than they are overseas. Domestic shipping or a local pick up is much more reliable than praying for your international cargo to arrive on time. In addition to arriving on time, will it clear customs quickly? We’ve had clients with opportunities and request products with only a 2 weeks notice. We were able to accommodate their needs in 1 week. That is priceless.